Form +  Function Fitness

Marci Bowman
Form + Function Fitness

My name is Marci Bowman, and I’ve been working as a private personal trainer in San Francisco since 2005.

I opted to work in my own home after talking to so many people who said they simply don’t like the atmosphere of gyms– but felt they couldn’t stay in shape without one. I want to show people a different way.

You only need a small amount of space and very little equipment (or none!) to get fit. I create personalized workouts for you based on your needs, wants, and current physical level– and I try to make it as pleasant as possible. You’ll concentrate on strength first–what I call the foundation workouts–and then you’ll work on toning specific areas–what I call the accessories workouts. All the while, you’ll be building better posture, strengthening your cardiovascular system, creating a greater range of motion, and developing better balance. As a bonus, I’ve been told that my workouts alleviate stress and help clients sleep better.

If you make the commitment, I can help you feel + look better in your skin.