Why You Need a Wellness Mentor

Have you ever sewn a skirt?

Let’s say you haven’t. But you want to. You saw a really simple A-line skirt in a magazine and you looked at the exorbitant price and you thought, “Well, I could make that.”

But you’ve never sewn anything besides a button onto a jacket with a hotel kit. And that popped off while you were out having dinner that night.

So what do you do?

You probably start by asking your friend or sister or great-aunt Mathilda or anyone you know who sews. They give you some suggestions and the name of a good fabric store. Maybe they even lend you their sewing machine after talking you out of the foolhardiness of making it entirely by hand.

You feel inspired.

The fabric store is a bit intimidating–who knew there were so many options for black? You corner a helpful employee and soon you’re walking out with a pattern, scissors, fabric, a zipper, and something called lace hem tape that you’ve already forgotten the use of.

You feel excited.

You’re at home and everything’s arranged around you–if by arranged, you mean spread out on every available surface, including the cat hair-covered couch. Oh well. You open the pattern and begin reading the instructions.

You feel…confused.

After many hours of cutting (and re-cutting), getting the hang of threading the machine over and over, and finally sewing (and ripping it out and starting again), you have a skirt. Kind of. It doesn’t have a zipper or button (because HOW?!?). The right seam is a bit cock-eyed. You’re not sure if there’s a reason to bother hemming it (and WHERE did you put that lace tape stuff?).

You feel…overwhelmed. Unmotivated. Maybe even defeated.

This is when you wish you could go back in time. If you would have had a mentor there from the very beginning to walk you through the entire process, you would now have a skirt, maybe not just like in the magazine (yet–it takes practice) but a wearable one, at least.

So you get the metaphor, right?

Taking advice from books, magazines, podcasts, friends, and even personal trainers can all be helpful, but you still have to cull all of that information and figure out how to make it work for you. That’s a job. Then there will come times that you’ll need to make adjustments and personalize things a bit. And other times when you’ll just need encouragement to stay the course.

You can do it alone, just like you can sew a skirt for the first time. But it’s so much easier, more effective, and more pleasurable with someone at your side. That would be some kind of Wonderfulness, wouldn’t it?


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  1. Kate Andrews says:

    Hi Marci! I would love to hear more about your wellness mentoring. Is there a time you would be available to chat?

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