Intuitive vs. Planned Wellness

Do you have your workouts all planned down to the last rep? You know what you’re going to do each day for at least the next two weeks?

What about your meals? And snacks? Are they all written down in advance in your food journal?

Experts tout this as the best way to achieve your goals. Or at least they did. More research into athletes (and us commoners) have them changing their tune, though.

Having such a rigid system in place can lead to less motivation (if you don’t actually follow through with your plan, you’re not going to feel great about yourself). It can also not be bringing you the results you want. Partially that can be from the fact that life will derail your efforts often–but more surprisingly is that we may be working against what we actually need.

Enter intuition. That gut feeling. The voice that isn’t ego-driven, but is clear and emotionless and just…right. You know it when you hear it. Yet if you’re like many of us, you often ignore or override it in favor of “logic.” Or plans. And you know what happens when something is ignored over and over again? Right. It shuts up.

Listen to your intuition.

If you’ve decided you’re going to go for a run in the morning before work, but you wake up feeling not up to par, your intuition should be telling you to skip it. Maybe take a walk or do some gentle exercises. If you’re set to have a salad for lunch, but the weather’s foggy and you’re feeling the chill, have some soup instead.

The first step is learning to hear your intuition and the second step is trusting yourself to follow it. Start the experiment now…

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