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My background:

  • NESTA personal trainer certification (since 2005)
  • YMCA group exercise certification (2004)
  • American College of Sports Medicine member
  • Yoga practitioner since 2000 (hatha, kundalini)
  • Pilates and Berk training
  • Dance training (jazz, tap, ballet, belly dance, and hula)
  • CPR certified
  • 2012 San Francisco Award Program Winner in Trainers Category

My workouts:

  • Focus on strength and balance training
  • Emphasis on functional exercises that teach you how to move safely in daily life
  • Body-weight exercises that can be done almost anywhere
  • Small props, such as hand held weights, bands, and stability balls– if you’re interested
  • Full range-of-motion moves that help keep your joints healthy
  • No traditional aerobics: if you’re up to it,  you’ll move at an intensity that keeps your cardiovascular system challenged 

My place:

  • A midcentury-modern living room (definitely not your usual sterile gym) in the inner Richmond
  • Find my flat on Googlemaps
  • Please be aware that I have two cats, so if you’re allergic, I’m sorry that my place won’t work for you

My reviews:

  • Please read about my services on Yelp

My ideal client:

  • One who’s willing to put in the work (don’t worry, though– I will ease you into it)
  • One who’s willing to try to enjoy the process (remember, this is not boot camp)
  • One who’s willing to make a commitment to improve her/his  fitness level (is this you?)