Cheers, Form + Function Fitness!

IMG_20160825_173031_picmonkeyed_picmonkeyedThis is my last post as Form + Function Fitness. It doesn’t mean that I won’t keep this blog going, but it’ll be found under a different name and site.

As I get ready to launch The Wonderfulness Program, I want to thank you for reading my musings as a personal trainer over the past few years. Truth is, my posts transitioned to a holistic, wellness approach even as my business and its services remained the same. I’m ready to have my thoughts, feelings, and business sync up.

I can’t say that it hasn’t been wonderful…but now it’s time for Wonderfulness!

Look out for The Wonderfulness Program on September 6th!

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Intuitive vs. Planned Wellness

Do you have your workouts all planned down to the last rep? You know what you’re going to do each day for at least the next two weeks?

What about your meals? And snacks? Are they all written down in advance in your food journal?

Experts tout this as the best way to achieve your goals. Or at least they did. More research into athletes (and us commoners) have them changing their tune, though.

Having such a rigid system in place can lead to less motivation (if you don’t actually follow through with your plan, you’re not going to feel great about yourself). It can also not be bringing you the results you want. Partially that can be from the fact that life will derail your efforts often–but more surprisingly is that we may be working against what we actually need.

Enter intuition. That gut feeling. The voice that isn’t ego-driven, but is clear and emotionless and just…right. You know it when you hear it. Yet if you’re like many of us, you often ignore or override it in favor of “logic.” Or plans. And you know what happens when something is ignored over and over again? Right. It shuts up.

Listen to your intuition.

If you’ve decided you’re going to go for a run in the morning before work, but you wake up feeling not up to par, your intuition should be telling you to skip it. Maybe take a walk or do some gentle exercises. If you’re set to have a salad for lunch, but the weather’s foggy and you’re feeling the chill, have some soup instead.

The first step is learning to hear your intuition and the second step is trusting yourself to follow it. Start the experiment now…

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Why You Need a Wellness Mentor

Have you ever sewn a skirt?

Let’s say you haven’t. But you want to. You saw a really simple A-line skirt in a magazine and you looked at the exorbitant price and you thought, “Well, I could make that.”

But you’ve never sewn anything besides a button onto a jacket with a hotel kit. And that popped off while you were out having dinner that night.

So what do you do?

You probably start by asking your friend or sister or great-aunt Mathilda or anyone you know who sews. They give you some suggestions and the name of a good fabric store. Maybe they even lend you their sewing machine after talking you out of the foolhardiness of making it entirely by hand.

You feel inspired.

The fabric store is a bit intimidating–who knew there were so many options for black? You corner a helpful employee and soon you’re walking out with a pattern, scissors, fabric, a zipper, and something called lace hem tape that you’ve already forgotten the use of.

You feel excited.

You’re at home and everything’s arranged around you–if by arranged, you mean spread out on every available surface, including the cat hair-covered couch. Oh well. You open the pattern and begin reading the instructions.

You feel…confused.

After many hours of cutting (and re-cutting), getting the hang of threading the machine over and over, and finally sewing (and ripping it out and starting again), you have a skirt. Kind of. It doesn’t have a zipper or button (because HOW?!?). The right seam is a bit cock-eyed. You’re not sure if there’s a reason to bother hemming it (and WHERE did you put that lace tape stuff?).

You feel…overwhelmed. Unmotivated. Maybe even defeated.

This is when you wish you could go back in time. If you would have had a mentor there from the very beginning to walk you through the entire process, you would now have a skirt, maybe not just like in the magazine (yet–it takes practice) but a wearable one, at least.

So you get the metaphor, right?

Taking advice from books, magazines, podcasts, friends, and even personal trainers can all be helpful, but you still have to cull all of that information and figure out how to make it work for you. That’s a job. Then there will come times that you’ll need to make adjustments and personalize things a bit. And other times when you’ll just need encouragement to stay the course.

You can do it alone, just like you can sew a skirt for the first time. But it’s so much easier, more effective, and more pleasurable with someone at your side. That would be some kind of Wonderfulness, wouldn’t it?


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Don’t Wait!

Surprise! This post is not a plea to sign up for my Wonderfulness Program. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with the program at all.

Instead, it’s based on a problem I see people creating for themselves constantly. Maybe you do it, too.


Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

You’re waiting to put on a swimsuit and spend the day at the beach until after you’ve lost a bit of your jiggle.

You’re planning to take that new exercise class after you’ve already gotten in better shape (you don’t want to look like a loser).

You’ll start dating after you can see your doc again for some Botox shots.

You’ll manage your stress after you get back from your vacation (you just have way too much to do before then).

You know you’ll be happy after you’ve got the promotion (and salary boost) you’ve been angling for.

Actually, all of these plans are temporarily on hold until after the present craziness has passed–you are certain that you’ll have more time in the future.


The future will be wonderful, won’t it?

To paraphrase John Lennon, life is happening while you’re planning for it. It’s not that you shouldn’t make any plans at all, but we’re in the habit of waiting for a perfect time to act. I’m here to tell you that perfect time may never come–act now!

Are you aware that summer is halfway through? What are you waiting for? Eat a peach. Walk along the water’s edge. Catch a sunset. Have a picnic. There’s no time like the present.


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An Experiment, Not a Challenge (The Power of Perspective)

14-Day Clean-Eating Challenge!

Bikini Body Countdown Challenge!

30-Days of Squats Challenge!

Challenge: The Intentional Summer!

Have you ever thought about the word challenge? It’s defined as “a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel.” Especially a duel? Uh-oh. The gloves are coming off…

Another part of the definition is to “dispute the truth or validity of.” This isn’t sounding any better to me.

Contests and competitions are, by necessity, for a limited amount of time (as are duels). While you can try them out if you like that sort of thing, they aren’t going to lead to any lasting transformations–unless you use them to motivate you to commit to making real lifestyle changes.

If you took those same names above and subbed in experiment for challenge, you’d create a very different perspective.

14-Day Clean-Eating Experiment!

Bikini Body Countdown Experiment!

30-Days of Squats Experiment!

Couch-to-4K Experiment!

First off, you’ve given yourself some wiggle room. If you realize one week into your clean-eating program that you don’t have the energy to get out of bed in the morning, then you can ask yourself a variety of questions.

“Am I getting enough calories?”

“Am I getting enough macronutrients–fat, carbs, protein?”

“If I’m not, would that explain my desire to slap my coworker who keeps bringing Dynamo Donuts into the office?”

Not so much if it’s a challenge. Then it’s just: “Why do I always fail at these challenges?”  That’s not helpful.

So here’s my promise to you: I will not create challenges for you. Through my Wonderfulness Program and my writing here, I’ll encourage you to try things, test them out, play around with it. 

As to any duels, my seconds will call on your seconds…


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