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2016: The Year of Presence

Isn’t giving up making resolutions a resolution in itself? As always, though I’m the same person I was thirteen days ago, I feel the pull to focus on something new as I throw out my old calendar and fill out the … Continue reading

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Group vs. Personal Training

“They’re too competitive.” “I don’t want people judging me by how many push-ups I can do.” “What if I can’t keep up?” These are the main types of things I hear from people when it comes to group exercise. And I … Continue reading

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Mindless Routine or Mindful Ritual?

Every day you have to get out of bed, find something to wear, and brush your teeth. The house needs to be cleaned, clothes laundered, food bought and prepared regularly. You most likely work. You probably commute. You definitely eat meal after … Continue reading

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7 Persistent Untruths About Health

Immersing myself in the study of fitness and nutrition is my job, and I sometimes forget that what seems obvious to me isn’t necessarily so to everyone else. Here are some common misconceptions (and blatant lies) that I hear often. Let’s clear up the … Continue reading

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Better Than Wellness

People often talk about fitness, diet, and health as if they’re distinctly different categories. The disjointed nature of this belief becomes apparent if you focus on just one area at the expense of the others. Let’s say you lift weights … Continue reading

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