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2016: The Year of Presence

Isn’t giving up making resolutions a resolution in itself? As always, though I’m the same person I was thirteen days ago, I feel the pull to focus on something new as I throw out my old calendar and fill out the … Continue reading

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Group vs. Personal Training

“They’re too competitive.” “I don’t want people judging me by how many push-ups I can do.” “What if I can’t keep up?” These are the main types of things I hear from people when it comes to group exercise. And I … Continue reading

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Healthy Fats, Unhealthy Fats–They May Not Be What You Think

You know that extra-virgin olive oil is healthy for you, right? Maybe you’re even hip to the wonders of avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and flaxseed oil. But what about lard, butter, or coconut oil? Do you consider those healthy fats? … Continue reading

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Eat More Wonderful Foods

Last week I wrote about avoiding junk food, which I believe is one of the most important habits to cultivate. Concentrating on getting rid of cheap, nutrient-poor calories will definitely make you healthier, but it’s not very exciting. In fact, you … Continue reading

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I Fast Every Day–And You Can, Too

What does the 5:2 Diet, Lent and Ramadan, and the Master Cleanse have in common? They’re all forms of fasting. Though the 5:2 and the Master Cleanse are fairly new, Lent, Ramadan, and other religious fasting has been around for a long, long time. It was … Continue reading

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