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Healthy Fats, Unhealthy Fats–They May Not Be What You Think

You know that extra-virgin olive oil is healthy for you, right? Maybe you’re even hip to the wonders of avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and flaxseed oil. But what about lard, butter, or coconut oil? Do you consider those healthy fats? … Continue reading

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Weight-y Matters

I just need to lose 5 more pounds. My ideal weight is exactly 132. I used to weigh 125, which means I’m 16 pounds over my goal weight. Do any of these sentiments sound familiar to you? I hear my … Continue reading

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Abusing Self-Trickery

Last week I wrote about the effective uses of fooling oneself into eating smaller portions and exercising without thinking of it as such. There’s a flip side to this tool, though, and it can derail a lot of your good … Continue reading

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Using Self-Trickery

Over the past year and a half, my sister has lost twenty pounds. That may sound like it took a long time, but when it comes to losing weight, the slower, the better (if you want to keep it off, … Continue reading

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