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Sink or Swim Aren’t the Only Options

2013 ended with a whimper. All in all, it was a lousy year for me (can I blame the #13 in it?). I have high hopes for this one, but at the moment, things are still on the trying side. … Continue reading

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Why Do You Do It, Darling?

I’ve been thinking about why people go on diets or spend their time on stationary bikes, spinning away to nowhere. We might say it’s for our health–and that is a valid reason–but I suspect it’s more that we want our … Continue reading

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The July Challenge

You’ve heard of them before–the do 40-push-ups-in-30-days challenge, the yoga-everyday-for-a-month challenge, the couch-to-5K challenge, the-no-white-foods challenge. Just listing them tires me. They all sound so punishing, so tedious, so decidedly not fabulous. I have something different in mind, and I … Continue reading

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