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Here’s Another Way to Try Form + Function Fitness

Have you been wanting to get in shape, but felt that hiring a trainer would be too personal? Do you want the camaraderie of a group of women, but don’t like the atmosphere of most gyms? Are you ready to … Continue reading

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Crunching, Corsets, + the Plank

Do you still crunch? You know what I’m talking about: you lie on your back with your hands behind your head and knees bent, then lift your upper body, curving your spine, and perhaps exhaling forcefully for good measure. Then … Continue reading

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Cut for What?

Chiseled. Pumped up. Carved. Cut. These are the adjectives that I come across over and over again in fitness magazines, infomercials, exercise classes, and out of the mouths of clients. The latter want them, and the former brag that they … Continue reading

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Ahhh…There’s the Rub!

Did you know back in the studio system days of old Hollywood they used to send starlets to see a masseuse named Sylvia to rub them into shape? Supposedly she could make piano legs shapely, knead away undesirable fat, and … Continue reading

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7-Minute Workout for…What?

I’ve had clients joke that the ACSM’s 7 Minute Workout (as reviewed in the New York Times) is going to put me out of business. I’m not worried. It’s not that it’s a bad workout–it does, in fact, cover the major muscle groups, is … Continue reading

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