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Second KISS: Practice Good Posture

Not sure where to begin on the path to wonderfulness? In the interest of Keeping It Sublimely Simple, I offer you a second step to take: Practice Good Posture. Everyone knows that they should be practicing it. But it’s so hard to remember. … Continue reading

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Use Your Hips

When you think of exercising, do you mostly think about “getting in shape”? That ephemeral phrase generally refers to shedding excess pounds, adding some definition to your muscles, flattening your stomach. Those are fine things to pursue, but if they’re … Continue reading

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Standing Tall, Sitting Pretty

My friends are impressed to hear that my grandmother was still able to sit cross-legged on the floor when she was in her eighties. She was a wonderful woman and a fabulous grandma, but her flexibility? We shouldn’t find that so amazing. … Continue reading

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