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I Fast Every Day–And You Can, Too

What does the 5:2 Diet, Lent and Ramadan, and the Master Cleanse have in common? They’re all forms of fasting. Though the 5:2 and the Master Cleanse are fairly new, Lent, Ramadan, and other religious fasting has been around for a long, long time. It was … Continue reading

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Should Is an Awful Word

I want to get in shape-what should I do? I want to lose five pounds-what should I do? I want to create a new habit (or break an old one)-what should I do? First off, lose the word should. Should is … Continue reading

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Cut for What?

Chiseled. Pumped up. Carved. Cut. These are the adjectives that I come across over and over again in fitness magazines, infomercials, exercise classes, and out of the mouths of clients. The latter want them, and the former brag that they … Continue reading

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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle–or Be Healthy?

Do you know the phrase, “Nothing ever tastes as good as skinny feels”? I wonder if the people who go around spouting that have ever tasted a nutella crepe or homemade guacamole with freshly fried tortilla chips? I, also, wonder … Continue reading

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When Enough’s Enough

In our elusive quest for perfection, there’s a concept we often overlook: enough. When will we be healthy enough? Strong enough? Slender enough? Improved enough? Should this be what we concentrate on, pushing ever farther, harder, always seeking out more … Continue reading

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