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Cut for What?

Chiseled. Pumped up. Carved. Cut. These are the adjectives that I come across over and over again in fitness magazines, infomercials, exercise classes, and out of the mouths of clients. The latter want them, and the former brag that they … Continue reading

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Must I Do That Again?

One of the big controversies in the exercise world (and yes, there are many) is whether you should do one or more sets of exercises during a workout. (For those not up on your jargon: squatting down and standing back … Continue reading

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Abusing Self-Trickery

Last week I wrote about the effective uses of fooling oneself into eating smaller portions and exercising without thinking of it as such. There’s a flip side to this tool, though, and it can derail a lot of your good … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Go!

Developing a fitness routine can be confusing. Choices abound, with so many different types of exercise and so many places you could begin, that it’s easy to grow stymied and choose to do nothing but watch the latest episode of … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Work Out

I see many clients a week and the most common question I hear is, Which is better, cardio or resistance-training? To which I reply, Better for what? Okay, that’s a flippant answer, but I say it with a smile. If … Continue reading

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