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Mindless Routine or Mindful Ritual?

Every day you have to get out of bed, find something to wear, and brush your teeth. The house needs to be cleaned, clothes laundered, food bought and prepared regularly. You most likely work. You probably commute. You definitely eat meal after … Continue reading

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Failing at Fitness

Do you feel like you’ve failed at fitness? The only way you can fail is by never doing any movement and subsisting on a diet of only overly-processed foods. So I know you haven’t failed. I know you can’t fail. … Continue reading

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The Power of Convenience

Convenience counts. I repeat this often to my clients. If there’s something you really want to do, you might not need any more motivation to get moving. But if you’re ambivalent about it (or actively don’t want to do it), then … Continue reading

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Magic Workouts

We all want them, don’t we? The workouts that absolutely transform us. Right now you may be sitting there with stocky calves and what’s referred to as “child-bearing” hips, but after a month of doing the Bar Method, you know … Continue reading

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The Boring Diet

Friends and clients often face me with apologetic looks on their faces. “I had a burger for lunch yesterday.” Was it good? I ask. “Well, yeah.” They pause. “And I had a milkshake on the side…with bourbon in it.” You … Continue reading

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