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The Power of Convenience

Convenience counts. I repeat this often to my clients. If there’s something you really want to do, you might not need any more motivation to get moving. But if you’re ambivalent about it (or actively don’t want to do it), then … Continue reading

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Before + After Shots–the Truth Behind the “Miracles”

You’ve seen them in magazines, on infomercials, and in blog posts. Two pictures side by side: one is of a miserable-looking person in clothes that reveal their “problem areas;” the next is of the same person, standing tall and smiling … Continue reading

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Everything Counts

I’ve written about abusing self-trickery before (aka “magical thinking”). I’ve found that one of the best ways to circumvent this kind of self-delusion is to use one simple phrase as an all-purpose mantra: “Everything counts.” Calories count. Serving sizes count. The … Continue reading

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Abusing Self-Trickery

Last week I wrote about the effective uses of fooling oneself into eating smaller portions and exercising without thinking of it as such. There’s a flip side to this tool, though, and it can derail a lot of your good … Continue reading

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