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Why I Call Myself a Wellness Mentor

I’m a wellness mentor. Through my Wonderfulness program, I help women establish habits and practices that lead to feeling wonderful. And I do it with a healthy dose of glamour, pleasure, and luxury. How do you like my elevator pitch? … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad Habits, Creating Good Ones

  You want to make a change. It’s time to start a regular walking routine. You’re done with the amount of junk food you’ve been eating. Too many late nights have taken a toll on your emotional health. The workout you’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Experimentally, Speaking

So how’s it going? No, I mean, really–how has this change-of-habit month worked for you so far? We have one last week to try it out, and then… Here’s the important part. If you’re still thinking of this habit change … Continue reading

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My Change of Perspective

A group of friends was over last night, one of whom is about to start working with me. She asked what to expect during our exercise sessions. As I described the way we’d start out,  I realized how much my … Continue reading

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Magic Workouts

We all want them, don’t we? The workouts that absolutely transform us. Right now you may be sitting there with stocky calves and what’s referred to as “child-bearing” hips, but after a month of doing the Bar Method, you know … Continue reading

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